About us

Hello, I am Akiko. I was born in Kyoto and grew up in an environment where traditional crafts are all around me.

I love to travel, and I am very happy to see how many peopleare pleased with the souvenirs I bring.
In particular, they all love origami and Japanese yuzen washi paper.

But due to COVID, it became difficult for me to go abroad,
and it's the same as my friends and customers outside Japan.
So I started sending my washi papers to them more and more, to please not only my friends but also support our craftpeople and this long tradition of Japanese washi paper.

In 2022, finally I opened my own store "washimarket.com" and I am very excited to share many wonderful colors and designs of yuzen Washi Papers with everyone all over the world.
Thank you so much for your support!

Washi Market COM
Akiko Sato